Things I do




This website is dedicated to my various present and former activities. Currently I am busy in the fields shown below. Take a look at images, listen to music, dig my woodworking, and learn about my bread-baking.







Landscape, architecture, people, still life, animals...




Painting & Graphics


Oil, watercolors, graphics

old and new






Custom-made furniture and more







Yeast and sourdough bread







Production music

for film and video




RIESS medien


Communication for medicine, science, and technology




Things I did




Over the years many things have attracted my attention and it can certainly be identified as a pattern that I have always striven to be in command of them. I fancy myselfs a good observer and today I am sure that accurate watching for me was one of the keys when it came to acquiring skills.


I started playing the piano when I saw my father doing it. My parents put two telephone directories on the piano seat for me to reach the keys. I never learned to read written music, though.


As a 15-year-old I built an fm-transmitter following instructions from a technical periodical (those were the days without the internet). It broadcast my taped music for me to receive it with a little battery powered transistor radio while I cycled our town. (Later I became a licensed radio amateur and I certainly cut the illegal stuff.)


Many things have come and gone: Pottery, sailing, vine-making, gardening, motorcycling, just to name a few. I cherish fond memories of all of them.